New beginnings

As you can see, I stopped posting in this blog. No, I didn’t move anywhere else nor died.

I went through some intense personal problems at the end of 2015 that left me drained and with no will to do many of the things I love.

I’m slowly getting back in track and one of the thingsthat kept me centered about my future and what I truly want to do with my life is this blog, so this is me coming back after failing one and a thousand times.

This is me starting abbyexposures from day 1 again. New beginnings, new opportunities to keep myself centered and do what makes me happy.

I want to apologize to my 30 followers who somehow are still here waiting for me to post something and tag it shamefully looking for likes.

WordPress isn’t the most ideal platform for this project and I realized it a bit late, I thought of moving to Instagram, but here we are still.

Happy 2016.


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